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Website Design and Support
with Easy Pricing.

Fully Optimised and Google Friendly Website Within 10 Weeks!

Easy to Manage with No
Coding Required

My Packages

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The Sparkle Package
(For Small Service-Based Businesses)

Price: £495

Time Frame: 8-10 Weeks


5 Pages, Basic SEO Input (Google Meta Titles & Descriptions), 2 Revisions, Tutorial, and domain connection.

Upgrade to Full SEO - £45

Re-Shine Online Package

Price: £450

Time Frame: 8 Weeks


Up to 7 Pages, Tutorial, and 1 Revision.

Upgrade to SEO Checks and Improvements - £99

This Service Plants One Tree.png
This Service Plants One Tree.png

The Glow Package
(For small E-Commerce Businesses)

Price: £655

Time Frame: 8 -10Weeks


5 Pages, 40 Products, Basic SEO Input (Google Meta Titles & Descriptions), 2 Revisions, Tutorial, and domain connection.

Upgrade to full page SEO - £45
(does not include product SEO-this is classified as advanced)


Package Ad-On's

Extra Pages - £80 Per Page

Extra Products - £35 Per 10 products

Revisions - £40
Shutterstock Image Package - £25



The platform you choose really depends on the nature and scale of your business and whether you want to maintain your website yourself. No one platform is better than another, but all have different things to offer. WIX is a website builder, so it’s the ease of use is the biggest selling point. It requires no coding and no technical knowledge so if you are not particularly tech-minded then it is a good option for you.

Unlike other website platforms, WIX has automatic software updates which mean there is less for you to remember to do, it will automatically index your website to Google which means it will be easier to find on searches, and it will optimise your images to the correct sizing so that they look fantastic on whatever device they are being viewed on. The beauty of WIX is that it is a complete business management system that can grow and adapt as your business evolves.

WIX can provide you with:

Your builder platform | Platform templates | A Client Relationship Manager (CRM) system | Optimisation functions | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools | Email marketing tools | Analytics, and much more.


It really is a ‘NO HEADACHE’ platform as everything is all in one place and fits seamlessly together.


Why should I use a professional rather than build it myself?

The appeal of WIX for many is its simplicity, many users decide to use WIX because they can do it themselves thanks to the built-in templates. The downside to this is that thousands of people will do exactly the same, so your website ends up looking quite generic. Handing it over to a professional means that your website will be bespoke, and all your requirements will be incorporated. When building it yourself, you may not be able to achieve all the functionality that you want because you lack the time or knowledge to achieve this.

You can also rest assured that if you hand your website build over to me then the behind-the-scenes technical stuff like SEO will be taken care of as well. It’s one thing to build a website but it's an entirely different thing getting people to find and visit it. The most significant benefit of working with me on your website is the one-to-one support that I provide throughout the entire journey. Not only do we start with an initial consultation to establish your exact requirements, but you will continue to be supported even after your website has launched.

Throughout the build process, I will keep you informed of my progress and provide you with updates. On completion of your site, we will have another 30-minute one-to-one call for me to show you, using plain English, all the benefits and features of your site and you will have the opportunity to ask absolutely any questions that you may have.

I make sure all my clients come away feeling completely confident in using their site and delighted with the look and feel of it.