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Kayleigh, Founder of KH Web Design
Kayleigh, Founder of KH Web Design

Hi, I'm Kayleigh

A freelance Website Designer in Chippenham.

And a regular mum to a 5year old boy running my small business from home.


I love nothing more than supporting other like-minded small businesses thrive and shine!

My Story....

I founded KH Web design in January 2018 upon my return from working in Thailand as Sales and Marketing Manager for a luxury villa brand.  It was at this time that I also became a full-time mummy to my gorgeous little boy (not so little anymore!). Why not start a new business and family at the same time?!  I knew that I wanted to build a business that enabled me to work around raising my family, and thus, the plate-spinning began!

It takes time to build a brand and establish yourself. The journey is seldom straightforward and there are bound to be ups and downs along the way. I know this more than most, and have sometimes learned the hard way! It’s difficult to know who to turn to when you need help and who can represent great value for money when working within the constraints of a start-up budget. That’s why my focus is all about you. Parents who are spinning those plates, juggling family life and making their business dreams a reality at the same time. You CAN do this. And I’m here to help.

Kayleigh, Founder of KH Web Design

Why Work With Me?

There are plenty of business support providers out there. So, why choose me?


Because I’ve been where you are. I know how hard it is to grow and develop a fledgling business. And, because I can relate to you, I CARE.


Having worked closely with a number of my clients, I am now in a fantastic position to be able to call them my friends. I enjoy working with my clients and the relationships that we develop are built on honesty and trust. I take pride in my professionalism – which is an essential element to any working relationship, mixed in with a little bit of fun, of course!  

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