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Would you give a shit if you came across your website? 8 simple steps to make sure you would!

The internet has transformed the way customers research, compare and purchase products and services, and that means your website can have a huge impact on lead generation and sales. Think of it a little bit like a shop window for your business - it’s there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to tell people who you are, what you do and who you do it for. But a common mistake people make when they get a website is that they forget who it’s for. They create a website they love, forgetting that the branding, images and content should all appeal to and help other people - website visitors!

So, for this month’s blog I’m asking - would you give a shit if you came across your website, and you’d never seen or heard of your brand before?! To help you figure it out, let’s look at who your website needs to serve and learn how to give it a spruce up to make sure it’s working really hard for you…

Your website can and should be for more than one group of people.

Firstly, it needs to tell visitors who have never come across your brand before everything they need to know to decide if your business does what they are looking for. That can include what you do (so a clear overview or list of your services or products,) how much you cost, your location and if you work with or sell to a specific group of people (new mums, mums returning to work). It could be argued that those are the most important people when it comes to your website content.

Then, you need to make sure your website works to move people from “I’m interested in buying from you” to “I want to buy from you now”. That means it should include FAQs, testimonials, how-to blogs and very clear calls to action, such as ‘purchase online’ or ‘book a call’ buttons.

Finally, and this is something that many businesses overlook, a website can also help you nurture and retain clients! It’s said that from a marketing perspective it costs more to attract new customers than it does to keep working with existing ones, so bear that in mind when you’re working on your website. For example, you could create blogs and downloadable content showing them how to make the most of their purchases

To help you see if your website is helping visitors and prospective customers get closer to buying from you, I’ve put together these 8 simple steps to help you do a quick audit. That way you know where to start if you need to refresh your content or give your page structure or navigation a few tweaks.

Does your homepage immediately tell visitors what you do?

Remember, it’s key to share what your business sells, who you sell it for, where you’re located, and that information should all be above the fold (that means people don’t have to scroll…). It’s a good idea to present this information as a way to solve their problems to really capture their attention. For example:

Do you struggle to balance pet care around work and the kids?

Let Leila’s Doggy Day Care take the pressure off!

We offer dog walking, pet sitting and daily pet check ins for people living in and around Leeds.

Button: View our price list

Is it easy to navigate?

From that information above, is it really clear how people can explore your products or services? Or what your opening hours are, or how to book a call? Is the menu button clear and easy to use? A big part of navigation is the colours and fonts you use as well - keep it simple and remember to choose background images or colours which allow people to easily read text!

Can people buy with one click?

Thanks to Amazon’s ‘1-click’ ecommerce model, consumers expect a very convenient shopping experience online. That means even service-based or small ecommerce stores need to offer visitors the ability to buy in as few clicks as possible. Having a ‘shop now’ button prominently on your homepage and in your menu is a good start!

How easy is it to get help?

If people want to talk to you, have you given them a contact form on the bottom of the homepage? Or included an email and address and/or telephone number in the footer? If visitors must search for ways to contact you for a chat, they might just decide not to bother! An FAQ page is also a good idea (and can help you come up with ideas for social media posts!).

Are there ‘call to actions’?

I mentioned this a little earlier in this blog but call to actions are prompts or directions to get a website visitor to take action. We subconsciously look for them in the form of buttons or links to help us navigate a website and find what we need. If not, people might just click away…

Does your content speak your audience’s language?

When you write headers, sub headers and copy for your website, remember to write it for someone who doesn’t know what you do! That means avoiding industry language and jargon which might confuse them. Think about the demographic of your ideal customer - a person in their 50s would probably expect a more formal tone of voice than someone in their early 20s.

Are you sharing your features and benefits?

Features are the things your product or service has; benefits are the ways those features help the customer. For example, the fact that a car you’re considering buying has ABS (advanced braking system) is a feature. The fact that it helps reduce the likelihood or severity of a crash is a benefit to you, the person in the car! Think about your unique selling points and then see how they translate into benefits.

Are all the links on your website working?

This is a great one to audit, as you want people to travel around your website with ease and not get frustrated with broken links! So set aside some time to check all the buttons, menus and links go to the right places. That way anyone who visits will be able to find out more about you and learn why your business is so amazing!

If you run through this list and decide it’s actually time for a professional tidy up or even a fresh start with a new website, why not drop me a line? We can take a closer look together and come up with a plan to have your website working hard for you in no time at all.

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