Hi, I'm Kyrie

A freelance Graphic Designer based in Bristol. I have been working with KH Web Design for 2 years, and I feel just as passionate about helping you on your small business journey. 

With the same ethos as Kayleigh I pride myself on offering you a personal and professional service from start to finish. 

Branding Services

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Logo Design | Banners | Re-Branding | Marketing Designs | Business Cards | Social Media Branding | Website Graphics

Let's get you to know you first!! 

Five Accounting

"Kayleigh & Kyrie did an amazing job with my rebranding. They came up with brilliant designs for my logo and social media. Kyrie's designs were better than I imagined. They really took the time to understand my thoughts behind my brand."

Krishna, Five Accounting

The Pizza Box

Kayleigh and her team have been really supporting during the whole process of developing my new logo. Strongly recommended to everyone who's after an excellent service and a great value for money.

Federico, The Pizza Box

Sacred Vessel Logo

It was lovely to work with Kyrie on my new logo design. She came up with something more beautiful than I imagined for myself. 

Lauren, Sacred Symbols

 Logo Portfolio

Why Do I need Branding?

The benefits of branding are numerus and often is the main contributor to a companies success. A good brand can help your business stand out from the crowd, grab the attention of a potential customer and keep them engaged in all your future developments. Having customers who are loyal to your brand is a great way of maintaining and growing interest for your companies future and means customers don’t just keep coming back, but they also spread your story by telling their friends. Good branding also helps potential customers recognise you in the market (think of the iconic red of Coca-Cola) and trust you as a company which in turn creates a loyal customer base.

What are the main components of branding?

Graphics. Creating an eye catching and relatable brand style is the basis for all good branding. Your brand style shouldn’t just look nice to your eye however, it also needs to speak to your potential customers and tell them what kind of company you are. It’s no good having bright fun colours and a funky font when you’re trying to sell high end chocolates to a wealthy demographic, unless that demographic happens to also appreciate branding that is more whimsical and less traditional. In this way, branding can help your demographic find you and ensure that the right customers find your products or services with minimal work on your part.

Identity and tonality.


Branding is not just the visual identity of your company, it’s also your corporate identity. We all have favourite companies that we return to time and time again and often that’s not just because we like their products or services, but also because we believe in their brand values or their perceived identity and mission. A companies “Brand Identity” is what potential and current customers think of when they imagine your company and can be vital in maintaining customers and attracting new ones. Careful crafting of this identity is often times what separates the good brands from the great.

Kyrie's Final Words.

Whilst branding may seem complicated and expensive, the many benefits of a good brand definitely outweigh the cost put in. Getting a professional to help you develop your companies brand is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your customer base and also helps you to feel more confident in how you engage with them overall setting you on the right path to success.