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What I can offer you and your small business....

A Supportive Ear and Voice

A Friendly and Affordable Service

Bespoke Website and Branding 

Beautiful Code Free Website Design

For Baby For me Website Design


With every service, you will be helping to save the planet! Every tree makes a positive impact for nature, wildlife, and people.

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The Sparkle

A bespoke package to get your small business online. 



Re-Shine Online

A simple package to be out with the old and 'in with the new'!


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The Glow

A bespoke package to get your small shop online. 


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SEO Vitality

SEO check & Improve to get your website set up for google. 



The Glitter

Outsource my help for any small website tasks.


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The Flash

A 3 hour tidy-up service for a self-built website with design & optimisation errors.




Cleo La Luna logo

Logo Design & Graphics

From £30ph

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Why KH Web Design

Kids, Work, Sleep, Repeat. Sound Familiar?


Spinning those plates as a busy parent and small business owner is tough. No – it’s EXHAUSTING. Mentally, physically, emotionally.

I know. I’ve been there. I’ve dropped the plates, picked them up again and now I’m here to help you to keep them spinning. Whether you’re itching to get going with setting up a small business from home, or you’ve got big plans for taking your business to the next level, but the problem is that you’re too busy working IN your business rather than ON it.

But where to start?


Your website is old and out of date.

Your branding is confused and doesn’t align with your message.

You need business support – that’s where I come in…

Together, we can map out a plan of how to move your business forward in the areas that you are struggling with. Whether you need help with a general overview of your business plans or daily help and support with step-by-step guides, I can tailor my service to the level that you need.

It all starts with a friendly consultation (kids optional, but coffee and a giggle a must!).
I am down-to-earth, easy-going and always maintain a friendly approach. 

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